About WNEC Project & Research Funders T ai w an M inist r y and E duc a tion N a tional S cien c e C ouncil T ai w an P o w er C ompa n y Established in 2008, WNEC has been conducting researches on information and communication technology. With four domains integrated in one research framework, WNEC dedicates its contribution to the next generation and the future of Information and Communication Technology.  By emphasizing on the quality and excellence of the research, WNCE Lab. contributes its creativity as a highly impacted knowledge for academic society and industry sectors in Taiwan.  Dominated by project based researches, WNEC collaborates with top levels of some universities in Taiwan under support from National Science Council (NSC). So far this year WNEC has completed two prestigious NSC projects, meanwhile three NSC projects have been proposed and under a review process. The expansion of collaboration research touches the real industry technology implementations. Recently, WNCE has conducted some collaborative projects with WinMate Communication Inc., Taiwan Power Company (TaiPower), and Industrial Technology Research Industry (ITRI). Up to 2010, WNCE has been awarded six grants and research projects with total research funding of more than US$ 600,000.