Motivation Description In recent years, there has been a rapid development by internet, wireless communication and mobile computing technologies with each passing day, then mobile operators and service providers deploy in the heterogeneous network environment. With the tremendous increase in amounts of user network information, network bandwidth resources increased demand. In the heterogeneous network, it provide the high quality of service mechanism and cloud computing will be an important issue, furthermore cloud computing environment is not only as the huge data storage, it can also achieve to high computing and high performance. In this research, referring to the QoS specification of three kinds of wireless access technologies, 3G, WiMAX and WiFi, integrating with cloud computing to do the different application services. Such as multimedia, management, entertainment, social network, etc., and analyze the MapReduce computing information, such as the user's preferences in browsing record, and build the mobile phone program to extract the user wants to access information and applications to achieve the service function. Furthermore, the proposed QoS policy management mechanism not only satisfies the requirements of different application but also achieves the quality of service guarantee. Multimedia Application over Cloud Computing