The engineering management information system (EMIS) is still operated manually. The procurement department of procurement relies on a paper form to fill in the engineering receiving letter request. Meanwhile, the construction department assigns daily staff tasks to process project approval. Telephone contact is made to contact departmental staff in order to announce project approval and scheduled daily assignments. However, such laborious tasks are an inefficient means of communicating with staff for daily administrative tasks. This project focuses on establishing an EMIS at TaiPower, with each departmental unit linked to this system via a unified platform that facilitates project management-related tasks. Given its transparency, the proposed EMIS can ensure data security, subsequently streamlining inspection procedures and complying with ISO operational standards as a viable replacement of the conventional and complex project approval process. The Internet applications system implements real-time log processing practices online to integrate information communications with management project approval, ultimately utilizing human resources more efficiently and eliminating paper waste through computerization to conserve energy and reducing carbon  emissions. In many countries, the global trends of technology innovation are implemented as their practical implications to strengthen national competitiveness. Software and Internet services have become the conventional means of initiating technological innovations. While highly prioritizing automation, networking and computerization, enterprise management focuses on simplifying manual operations to save considerable time and effort and avoid unnecessary waste involving administrative processes, accounting and marketing. Implementing allows an enterprise to link all departments in order to conserve human resources and increase work productivity. Taipower Engineering Information System